I cannot get past the fact that you kicked your message off with calling me ignorant but don’t know the difference between “your" and “you’re.” (There is also no such word as “goest” or I do not disagree with features differing, but your entire argument is NOT a point I was trying to make nor debate. At no point in the post did I say white people are all blue-eyed and blonde-haired — in this post or ever. From his complexion and actual features, I could just tell that there was something else going on and I was right. I clearly stated that he was of Jamaican descent.

As far as the term “passing,” that’s a historical term regarding trying to pass as white to survive in a world hell bent on killing/torturing slaves (or the biracial children of them). If you want to argue semantics, you will do that on your own. The term is the term is the term is the term. I’m not “promoting” a motherfucking thing. I’m telling you the term that was historically used to helps folks who were the product of rape survive.

I’m not asking the man to claim white only. Clearly I’m not. That was the point of the whole post, which it sounds like you breezed through. Quite frankly, I think reading your response was a waste of my time. If you find me “ignorant,” you can wholeheartedly never contact me again. I guarantee you I will not lose sleep over it. It’s not going to be on my calendar to GAF today, tomorrow, in 2021 and the year after is looking pretty slim, too.

I don’t even disagree with the one post you have on your page about mixed race — and your tone speaks volumes, considering I got this message on a Sunday morning before it was even 8 a.m. This is clearly a touchy topic for you that has deep-seated anger issues beyond me. Your entire comment section is flooded with you having a bone to pick with biracial kids claiming they’re black or white. Claim whatever you want to claim. My point was “Why not claim both?” not “Pick one or the other.” I will not be your punching bag though. Deal with that anger in therapy.

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