I can say first-hand, I will pass. I was hired for an editing job recently. I told him my qualifications, where my strong points were for editing style guides, my price and that I only do work by the hour (no flat fees). I thought it was odd that when I turned in the work, I got no feedback nor much discussion of my terms. Instead there was discussion about Donald Trump and why we “need to hire more black people.”

When an editing question came up, and I dove into style guides, suddenly he wanted to change the terms, the price and was oddly upset when I pointed out three new edits I wanted to make that I missed the first time. I was confused because I spoke of ALL terms upfront so changing the contract afterward seemed peculiar, specifically because he hired me a SECOND time. Then I finally just asked him, “I do not understand why the contract terms are changing. If I am not the editor for you, I totally get it. But I want to be hired based on skill, not just because I’m black.”

His response “Wow, Shamontiel. Just leave it alone.” I copied and pasted the time, date and quote of him going on about hiring black people. Silence. I ended the contract. I had been down this road two times already in Corporate America when the lone black woman was hired, but I heard blatantly racist comments on a daily basis FROM THE HIRING MANAGERS! If someone is ONLY hiring you because it makes them feel better about lack of diversity, that is on them. Hire me based on skill. Let the race and gender be a bonus.

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