I can halfway agree with you there. I still stand by my opinion that my boss’s boss (a brotha) couldve made her rectify this situation. He was loud and over-the-top, but couldn’t have cared less about the work I was doing — only trying to force everyone to be friends and win awards/certificates that he could tape near his office door. This wasn’t a “regardless of who the boss is”; this was very much him ignoring basic conflict-resolution and preferring to goof off. Leadership sets the tone for what their lower management team can and cannot get away with. I lost quite a bit of respect for him for spending excessive time asking me about my dating life (and obsession with my senior prom date, which was weird AF to me) and zip zero regarding the intern, the “intimidation” accusations, etc.

With that said, she got along with the brothas in the office. It was the sistas (and women of color, generally) that seemed to be an issue. I was talked into going to a bar with her and two other team members. As soon as the liquor started flowing, I heard three stories about how that trio was “scared” of three women — all black — regarding petty debates like a receptionist talking “too loud” about cleaning the microwave and covering food. I called them on it and they instantly changed the subject. I never forgot that. I also refused to go out for drinks or lunch with two of the three again, no matter how many times I was invited. It’s one of the reasons I was voted “Most likely to sit at her desk.” When liquor takes away inhibitions, you start learning who a person really is. I distanced myself and just wanted to work at work. I should’ve taken that bar conversation as a warning much earlier. It is what it is.

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