I breezed through that New York Times drivel and came away unimpressed. Dismissing these two as old white men is completely downplaying their drastically different views on pretty much everything. If anything, I’m more interested in people who are “old” and “set in their ways,” specifically if I agree with their ways. I know they cannot easily have opinions or ethics that blow in the wind of whatever is popular. I voted for Bernie in the primaries last time, and although I voted for Hillary because she was the default candidate in 2016, I would’ve preferred him in 2016.

And now that Kamala is out, I’d vote for him again. I’m irritated by him dodging a race question for climate change, but I’m still very aware that he was traveling around with Killer Mike all throughout the last campaign. And he was marching with Dr. King before it was the cool thing to do it. It’s what people do when they think no one is watching that matters more to me than the press appearances they do once the camera is on.

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