I breezed past this story on Twitter but wasn’t interested enough to follow it. If your story hadn’t been on the homepage of Medium, I still wouldn’t have looked. Now that I know what in the world is going on, the tweets make sense. But I’m still completely confused about why it matters if he’s 18 or 9. There are grown women who can be bullied.

Hell, I had to check a boss at 37 for just doing way too much and starting to feel like he was picking on me like I was a toddler. I remember another boss from a previous job that said, “Everybody gets bullied. If you haven’t been bullied, then you are the bully.” I spoke up immediately and said, “Nope, never been a bully and no one has ever been stupid enough to try to bully me.” (This was before the male boss at 37, and by the time I lost my shit on him, he apologized and finally left me the f**k alone. In his mind, we were “friends.” In my mind, he was Michael Scott.)

I say that to say I don’t understand what his age has to do with anything. If he was getting bullied at any age and it got that deep, that should be the entire focus. And by him having dwarfism, he’s a target in a different way. I remember when Vanilla Ice picked Gary Coleman up (forgot the show they were on) like Gary wasn’t a grown ass man man. It made me immediately shrug my shoulders and point out the karma of it all when Vanilla Ice had to deal with Suge Knight and that glorious window. Every bully can be bullied, and eventually they all run up on someone who will get them all the way in order. Or, they fail at life and spend it miserably remembering their glory days of being “on top.”

Either way, karma weighs in. As far as folks with Keyboard Courage, I’d just block them and call it a day. As a third boss told me, “If you wrestle with pigs, you’re bound to get dirty.” I can’t take people seriously who become tough guys behind computer screens. Do all that rah-rah-rah in person.

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