I am not quite nervous yet. Just turned 38 last week, but I have no interest in Corporate America after a year of freelancing full time. But I do recall a CEO (before I left CA) gushing over hiring young applicants. I could not tell if this was a veiled way of saying I was not young enough or letting me know they were open to a diverse group. But once he started talking about celebrating birthdays and fun outings, but NOT asking me anything on my resume, I knew this was not the job for me. There is still this bizarre obsession with trying to force coworkers to be friends, sit 3 inches away from each other and do more work than play. I dreaded one job that required that we have a baby shower for a manager, who I flat out did not like. Even as a millennial, this is just not the scene for me. So sometimes those jobs looking for a younger crowd are culturally not the way to go too.

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