I am not going to give this a lot of energy on Mother’s Day, but the absolute last thing I am worried about is someone saying “she has the same name.” When folks are being beaten while handcuffed, thrown into jail for crimes while others profit from the same drug, having to explain their own jobs while in uniform and just jogging down the street and get killed by random men in trucks, IDGAF about someone saying “My name is Karen/Becky too.” The discussion is far larger than that.

And if you’re NOT going to “mention" something about black men, don’t bring that up at all. You are working against your point instead of helping it. Find something constructive to do on Mother’s Day. Debating about names is not productive today, especially when I already said I was not going to do it. It speaks volumes to me when people want to debate on days like this.

Move on. You’re messing up your own point. Just leave it be.

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