I am neither gay nor male, but I could have replaced all the LGBTQ+ references with politics or sexism and gotten the same results. This was so absolutely relatable, even if I could not connect with anything but the monogamous relationship part. There is something about privilege that can make some people really tone deaf to how they sound to others. Keep in mind, I know enough folks who don’t fall under this umbrella but the ones who do sound SO MUCH LOUDER.

Going back to the monogamous relationship part, that is really blowing my mind. The fact that someone would get mad because you prefer one-on-ones took me back to my brief time with online dating. A guy responded that he was “only into hookups.” On one hand, I respected him for being honest. In turn, I blocked him. I still just don’t quite understand why someone would go to all the trouble of joining an online dating site to not date — just bang people out. I’m old school though. Team Monogamy!

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