I am cracking up about Mrs. Freeman, the blades of grass and looking over the fence for her flowers. She would’ve gotten along great with that childhood neighbor of mine.

Twenty-something Shamontiel would think 30-something Shamontiel is hella lame, but I am so invested in this stupid grass. I'll just look out of the blinds completely out of nowhere. Last year, I thought those people who put up those "No Dog" signs on their lawn were the absolute WORST, especially considering I've been a dog walker for a year.

Now I dog board and do everything possible to make sure no dog I'm watching messes with our grass. I get it now. Still though, I'm appalled by myself. I went to Ace Hardware today to buy a gallon-sized flower can and was so embarrassingly happy about it. I'm 38 but feel like I'm 78 doing this kind of stuff.

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