I am aware of RZA and the connection you mentioned, and there is no way to escape BTS. Twitter users mention that group every three seconds, plus I saw them on “The Tonight Show.” But I just do not see Awkwafina the same way as I see BTS. I think RZA is walking the line, too, but he seems to toggle back and forth. However, look at how he gives clear credit to each movie and actor who inspired him. At no point is he trying to act like this was just so normal and a clear part of African-American culture. He is giving credit and descriptions point-by-point in this video, plus he can actually rap. Awkwafina is terrible at it and seems to be stuck in this rap-first-word-that-rhymes tactic in the ‘80s— or this is her best stab at trying it out.

At least MC Jin is good, and I mean really good. I distinctly recall him being on “106 & Park” and being impressed. (The man told his opponent, “You’re the first person to open a fortune cookie, saying ‘You’re a loser!’” Ouch!) Plus I love that he refused to let this interviewee slide with the “we don’t have ghettos” line as though there isn’t an underclass wherever you go. He just seems to have a better understanding of hip-hop overall. Awkwafina just seems like Iggy Azalea to me.

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