I always hear about this happening to women, but in 38 years, it has only happened to me once. A guy called me, "Baby" and I said, "I am not your motherfucking baby." He started yelling and cursing in my direction. I turned around and said something to the effect of, "Tragic. This must be how men act when they are pussy deprived."

I don't know why I was so recklessly talking to this man like this because it could've gone SO FAR LEFT. What I do remember after that was another guy in the parking lot hearing him cursing and yelling as I sauntered off (still filled with 20-something confidence) asked me, "Is everything all right?" I shrugged and said, "Pussy deprivation. What can you do?" He kinda shook his head and laughed, but I thanked him for asking.

Still though, it always stuck with me that the man was THIS mad that I didn't want to be referred to as "baby." It annoys me for people I do not know to just give me pet names. But with that said, the other guy immediately seeing how ridiculous this conversation was getting--with me clearly walking away from him as he yelled and cursed--proved to me that some men don't act like this.

Honestly, I have never had that happen to me again. I've said plenty of "no thank you," "Nah" and "No," and men shrugged it off. So I'd like to believe that majority can handle rejection. They approach women all the time and are used to it. Still though, I also SMH when I hear of stories like what you encountered. The entitlement blows my mind.

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