I already unfollowed you. I think this is petty and kinda spoiled. I thought much higher of you as well. And every writer or artist in any industry who deals with rejection must toughen up. You’re falling apart over one publication, and I simply do not understand how you made a career of writing (assuming the 43 years were paid) and reacted like this to one publication. I read the comments before I wrote one comment. But none of them wrote a whole post about it and tagged the editors.

You’re just doing the absolute most and I have yet to see you do this for any publication with predominantly white writers. I had one post out of 100s published on ZORA and five rejected. Never in my wildest dreams would I think, “I’m going to write a whole post dogging out a publication with so much quality content about women of color. Since they didn’t accept my piece, I’ll show them!” I have pitched to Essence at least 10 times. That didn’t make me unsubscribe to the whole publication because of it. I just stopped pitching to them. Oddly enough, it was an Essence editor who accepted my work here. You’re burning a bridge that is really not worth it.

I don’t care if you don’t talk to me. I would strongly recommend deleting this post though. Your call. I’m done.

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