I agree with the sentiment of this piece. I really do. But one interviewee from Germany keeps popping into my mind. I interviewed him regarding a particular education program. He was condescending the entire time, commenting on the room I was in for being too dark and why I should’ve chosen a better scene. (I never said a word about doing a video interview, and he just up and decided we should go from audio to video halfway through the call.)

He made snarky comments about the questions and the write-up. But then my white, female boss asked him the same kind of questions — and he was immediately pleasant and had no problems at all. I mentioned it to her. She said, “Oh, he must be nicer to me because of my management position.” I just looked at her and went, “Sure it is.” I talked to him twice. He was a full-time remote teacher and painfully annoying during two calls.

Meanwhile I spoke with two other teachers (one a brotha who was traveling overseas and another a Hispanic woman who I think was bouncing back and forth from Spain) who were simply delightful. I could have talked to them all day long. Sometimes the microaggressions don’t even change from behind the screen and in another country. I guess the one good thing is I didn’t have to spend time with this guy at a 9–5, but still, just seeing his name pop up on my email was exhausting. I couldn’t have been happier when that assignment was done. I wanted to work with the other two again so badly, especially the brotha. He was amazing!

I did everything I possibly could to make sure I never had to interview this man again — and succeeded.

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