I 100 percent would not make fun of someone‘s delicatessen, but I’ve been out with far too many people who have told me, “I don’t eat vegetables at all.” And none of these people were from food deserts. They just liked fatty, greasy food more than healthier items. If you grow up bad food long enough, healthier food just is not appealing to you. My mother watches me bite into an avocado, shakes her head and jokingly says, “I raised you better than this.” I remember cooking this huge meal with my mother to personalize it for a bunch of diabetics, people with high-blood pressure, etc., for a family function. Baked chicken instead of fried chicken. Cabbage instead of fries. Hot water cornbread instead of dairy rolls. All those jokers wanted to do was eat plates and plates of ice cream cake. Yeah, nah, that food desert excuse can only work but for so long.

Anyway, going back to the main purpose of your post, minus that line you threw in at the end about animals, I respect it.

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