Honestly, I’ve lost interest altogether in whether I’m curated or not. It mattered to me far more before I started creating publications of topics I really like to talk about. Once I figured out how to have a following, then curation didn’t matter as much to me. It was a huge deal to me when we were getting paid for claps instead of read-throughs, too.

Now? I know followers would get the alerts regardless of it being curated or not. Newsletter subscriptions are cool, too, but my publication follower count is higher than my newsletter subscription. And pretty much all of my most popular posts that earned at least $200 were due more to someone sharing it on social media than even established publications on here showing a post once. Minus one flat-rate post when I first came aboard, none of my highest earning posts are from Medium publications — and I have quite a few from high-ranking publications. It seemed more valuable to put my heart into my own publications, minus one I really like (The Haven — even though I don’t make much money off of it).

I knew something was off when a story was curated weeks after it had become popular. I did notice that when I used to submit to one particular publication on a regular basis (Better Marketing), all of those posts were automatically curated. I’d rather grow my own audience than brainstorm over why curators take one post and not the next. At this point, I’ve seen back-to-back curations one day and then none on the next five or six posts.

P.S. I did attend the Medium Zoom meeting today. All listeners were immediately blocked from audio and video, and only the five main editors were shown on video. And within a few minutes, the curators were immediately thanked for their work. So, it’s looking pretty slim on curators changing anything anytime soon. I did not stay for the entire Zoom meeting. After about 15 minutes, I was bored out of my mind and left the meeting.

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