Hi Sonya, I don’t really wonder about it. Some folks just really want you to stay out of their business. I read a tweet earlier today from someone saying (I’m paraphrasing) that they’re happy the news about Boseman came from his family instead of TMZ or a “random blog.” Initially I felt a way about the “random blog” comment because some do mean well, but then I saw this whole post from a Sandra Rose blog about his weight loss and looking ill. That’s when I went, “Yeah, I see why he kept it close to the vest.” I didn’t think anybody could keep celeb secrets quite like Michael Ealy. The man had a wife and a baby, and no one knew a thing.

But with that said, my thoughts are still with his wife and family. I’ve seen how married people react when their significant other is ill (and in this case, passed on). Some people — including people I can reach out and touch — are very “close to the vest.” You have to pull those stories out of them, as well as the support. I don’t know which end Boseman is on (secretive altogether or just private with the public), but I still understand both sides. My heart goes out to his family. That’s gotta be tough.

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