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Thanks for reading. As far as your comments:

  • I genuinely don’t think she fully understood the weight of her words. She is from Thailand (I believe). I know her mom still lived there. The whole “I’m yellow” significantly downplayed the weight of the word. I was disappointed, but I was furious when she moved him across the hall from me. If he was really some kind of skinhead or something, that would’ve put me in so much danger.
  • Yes, my brother has always had my back. But even if he’s in the right, history has repeatedly shown that if he and that guy got into it, the police would more than likely take the racist neighbor’s side. That’s one of the reasons I immediately said, “It’s just not worth it.” I figured it out on my own. I can still picture the neighbor’s crying scene with snot just dripping down his mouth. It was not only shocking but I was grossed out. Still though, I wasn’t all that convinced he would’ve done it if his mother or sister would’ve let him move into their homes.
  • It’s hard to go insane when you constantly experience the same thing. At some completely depressing point, you become desensitized to it. Or, you just shrug it off as just another day. I’m much louder than some, who just politely ignore ignorance, but there have been countless times where I held my tongue, too.

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