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Always good to see you in my comment section. You know what’s wild? I had some errands to run after I wrote this piece and didn’t think much of it when I hooked my phone up to my car stereo. You would think I would, but once I write a piece, I’m on to the next thing and usually only refer back to it if someone comments.

One of the first songs to play while I was driving was Jerrod Niemann’s “Why’d You Call.” I know the song word-for-word, and I’m just driving down the street singing it. I was halfway through the song before I realized I didn’t think of the guy who I wrote a portion of this piece about. Damn. I guess you really can disassociate yourself from a song. I guess I should delete the Jerrod Niemann song from this piece, but meh, I’ll leave it here. At one point I used to really sulk about this song. Now I’m just happily singing along.

That made me go straight to “How Come You Don’t Call” to see if I was really this indifferent to Alicia Keys’ cover. Nope! I still feel a way about that song and visualized the ballerina immediately. I didn’t listen to the songs for more than the length of time to link them earlier. So I guess I can say I “know for sure” I’m halfway there. I have hundreds of songs on my Spotify playlist. For that Jerrod Niemann song to be the one that randomly played before I could pull up was … interesting.

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