Hi Raven,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s always on point. The entire reason I stayed was because the fitness instructors were so dope. Once I was out of the lot, it was always a good time. Even when I left, one fitness instructor gave me her card and told me she’d let me be her “free monthly pass” visitor. I didn’t want to take advantage of her and just contact her once a month, so after the first time, I didn’t do it anymore. But still that’s how cool they were. A couple of the front desk people were ones I could talk to for hours.

But this gym definitely was not cheap — like in a Planet Fitness way. I could easily go spend $10 at a gym to run on a treadmill, but I liked that gym experience far better. The parking attendants may have been tight because I always chose to drive my own car into the parking lot instead of paying for them to do it, but hell, that’s what most of the gym people did. There was a restaurant that the parking attendants also worked for, so my guess is the restaurant people often let them park their cars. I think that’s ridiculous considering the lot is directly behind the building and I’m driving past it anyway; it wasn’t in a remote lot blocks away.

As for the disability comment, I was pretty tight about that one specifically because I know my mother busted her ass after a stroke. I know how hard it was for her to do math — after being a credit union manager for more than 35 years who did math as quickly as I can say “Hi Raven.” So I know how hard people try to make sure they’re doing a great job when the odds are against them. I was done-done after that email. I’d considered coming back later, but I just couldn’t get past the blahzay email.

P.S. If you took the survey, would you personally pay for customer service that “exceeds your expectations”? I just feel like that should be included in the people you hire. Why should a customer who is already paying for inventory/services in your company have to pay for exceptional customer service? How about “hire better employees”? Then again, if tipping the fitness instructors was a thing, I would’ve done that. They deserved it.

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