Hi Page!

Thank you for the tips. I thought maybe I was the only one with this on my mind, but this other post I wrote “Coronavirus prevention tips for Election Judges on Election Day ~ Tips to maintain a safe, sanitized polling place during voting season” shot up to 1,000 page views and counting in the past 24 hours. I definitely considered dropping out and even called to talk to a board member. She talked me into staying aboard, but even she had to admit that she didn’t know what supplies would be included.

There is literally nothing on the Chicago Board of Elections website about prevention methods, so I wrote the doggone thing myself. I’m going to bookmark your tips as well. We have to set up the room tomorrow. I don’t want to contribute to people not coming out to vote, but I also understand why more than 100 out of 1,400 polling places have dropped out (according to news I read on the Chicago Tribune’s site last night) and 800 Election Judges bailed (according to ABC News). I found all this out after my post visits shot up out of nowhere.

Thank you for the tips! You survived and in good health! :-)

There is not one word about coronavirus or prevention anywhere on the homepage.

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