Hi Noma,

Thanks for reading and commenting. I used to pass by a Nordstrom every single day when I was coming home from a newspaper I used to work for. It took me almost a year into three before I finally went inside. It was cool. It just reminded me so much of Carson Pirie Scott that I wasn’t really intrigued. But taking on this beat as a retail news journalist has made me far more interested in revisiting some of these stores. I look at them differently now that I’m dissecting them from the inside out as opposed to just browsing the racks.

On a separate note, I have mixed feelings about inventory-less stores. I’ve already had to complain to Amazon this week because the delivery people are notoriously delivering to the wrong door. After three months and at least 10 packages I redelivered (five this month), I wrote a long-winded letter to them about it. To my surprise, I got a $20 credit for it. Didn’t expect that to happen at all.

I’m still adamant about touching, feeling and trying on clothing. I want to leave with it and not have to wait for the package to come home to me later. That way I can go about my day. But I cannot stand stores that look an absolute mess with empty racks and clutter everywhere. So then I see the other side of the coin. Still on the fence with this one — IKEA, too. I’m not all that thrilled that they’re deciding to create stores with no parking lots, especially considering I actually enjoy driving. I’m a road tripper!

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