Hi Lon, thank you for reading. A small part of me understands where she’s coming from because I also had the same kind of outrage when I was concerned about Michael Bloomberg winning. But my reasons were safety and profiling, not just, “I don’t like him.” I have had this argument with Bernie Bros (and Bernie Girls, or whatever they’re called) so many times. I blew through days on Twitter debating with them.

As someone who was a supporter, I get the talking points. But once they get past the “gotcha” points, then it’s crickets. I think my favorite comment so far was me pointing out what I liked about Jill Biden’s book “Where the Light Enters” and what made me even more supportive of Joe. The response to me suggesting that book went something like, “I don’t feel like reading. I’d rather take a nap.”

I tap out after that. There is this bizarre belief that Joe Biden supporters just rolled the dice instead of actually familiarizing ourselves with the man outside of 2008 to 2016 — and that’s only if I’m lucky enough for them to admit he was in the White House altogether. Some just act like he metamorphosed from the ’60s to 2020.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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