Hi Lisa,

Thank you for reading and for your feedback. I already wrote “From PWI to HBCU” about everything that went wrong when I attended a PWI. But when I think of white instructors that I had at my HBCU, it was an all-together different experience. I just wasn’t dealing with anywhere near the amount of racism from non-black instructors at an HBCU, probably because they were so used to having black students. I genuinely cannot think of one instructor who I didn’t like at that second school. There was one instructor who seemed a bit scared to come into the library lounge area where a lot of loud college students were, but I remember yelling out “Hello Marshmallow!” at her (she said during class that she was soft as a marshmallow). Once she recognized a familiar face, she softened up. Still though, I’ll put some thought into this one.

I feel like this piece would be more complimentary to what my non-black instructors did correctly at an HBCU rather than a list of complaints. I’ll tag you if/when I write it.

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