Hi John, not even going to try to deny that some of my dog ideas are weird. (I freaking love my dogs. Thanks for the compliment on the photo. It’s my second favorite photo with her.) I have a biggole framed hand-drawing of my first dog. I can blame my childhood best friend for that one. I’d have never thought to do that. She gave it to me for Christmas, and now I have an entire dog wall full of dog frames and pictures of my own dogs and my favorite dogs that I walk. It gains me a few extra brownie points when I dog board. (Initially I thought it made me look like I was Annie Wilkes from “Misery” though.)

Your dog is big! You’ve got to love the dog who doesn’t give a damn about your personal space though. I have had many dogs go way out of their way to squeeze behind me on a couch when there was more than enough room or put their butts on me. It’s not helping your posture at all, but it’s soft and furry.

The screensaver idea is another good one. I had mixed opinions on that one at first because it made me sad all the time. It’s odd because I clearly said in another post that using images with you in it is a great way for people to find your misplaced cell phone. I should re-add her now. Right now it’s motivational quotes from stock images.

P.S. I didn’t understand what “the black one under the chocolate ear” meant. I see a photo of a brown dog, but now I realize you’re referring to your featured image. It’s kinda small and I cannot blow it up, but the big photo you linked is a great biggole warm looking dog.

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