Hi John,

Thank you for reading and your comment. As for the bank part at the end, you’re preaching to the choir. I tweeted pretty much what you said here and linked it in hopes people will understand this was not just the rich getting richer. PBS “Frontline” had an interesting special about the bank crisis, too, which made me fully understand why he couldn’t just go, “Meh, sorry for you, go broke!”

My issue with Bernie EBros (not so much with Bernie supporters who can see his highs and lows) are that same unhealthy admiration for the man. I love the hell outta Obama, but as soon as folks start talking about war and drones, I back out of the conversation like Homer. I cannot defend the man. I can get in a few quick “gotcha!” points about immigration before I’ll back out of the Border debate, too, although he wasn’t as cutthroat as Trump. Still though, Obama has a couple flaws that make me go “eesh, you got me.”

But this “Bernie can do no wrong” weird ass loyalty is where I get impatient — because it’s from people who have been flooding my comment section all morning (after being magical Jesse Jackson supporters without one other tweet about the man ever on their timelines, or racism, or sexism, or any hate topic period) who are just looking for any amount of support. Some people are sitting in the trees to hear how they can benefit from his politics; other are die-hard fans who would jump right out of the tree if Bernie said the word. They appear clear out of nowhere on social media (only during elections) and act like they’ve been marching with King, too.

But the minute I hear nonsense about Jesse Jackson and presidency, ignoring the “cut his nuts off” controversy and don’t know s — t about Shirley Chisholm, that’s when I know I’m dealing with an opportunist. If you didn’t care about a cause before, don’t act like it’s top of the list now.

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