Hi Jennifer, oh, I’m absolutely never going on an online dating site again. After the two guys I mentioned in the opener, I’m tapped out. But I saw this New York Post highlight on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” last night and couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I try to write one post a week in all four publications but was coming up blank on what to write for Doggone World and voila! Then the dog I’m currently dog boarding and the one who I dog boarded two weeks ago proved my point about how that can be a total catastrophe for dog owners. Those two looked like they were ready to fight right there on the curb. My client’s husband (well, technically I guess he’s my client too) and I had to pull the two apart quickly.

As far as linking your post, no problem at all. I loved it! It was so entertaining to read and easy to introduce within the post. I hope you get some new readers/more clicks out of it.

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