Hi Jay, it was way easier for me to give business addresses when I lived next to a shopping center and restaurant. I 100 percent did that. But no one ever enters my home or even gets past the back/front door. With that said, there have been a few reasons why I’ve given out my address. One was because I got fed up with driving or walking/waiting on no-shows. If they were no-shows from my house, I could stay on the couch.

Two, I’m a stranger who has entered the home of 73 different dogs (and 408 completed walks). That whole fear of entering people’s homes alone has long past me, as a dog walker and house sitter.

And then there were heavy things I sold like a huge mobile air conditioner that I no longer needed and a bunch of fans. (My last condo was painfully hot with no air conditioning or ceiling fans, but I bought a place with air conditioners already installed and ceiling fans in each room.) I’ve even gotten rid of tube TVs and other more-than-50-pound products. I’m not willing to lug those back-and-forth down the street. If people know where I live, so be it. Anyone with enough savvy to use Google search can figure it out anyway as long as my real name is on the email reply.

This is the one biggest pain of having a “complicated” name, as mentioned in that other post. I’m clearly not someone who it takes a lot of detective work to find — online or in person. We both have lived through the days of Yellow Pages. That’s not something I can put enough energy into being worried about, but I do see your point.

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