Hi Chris Go,

Thank you for reading and for the feedback. Per usual, it was fun to read. As far as real estate agents and showing property, I just don’t understand why some aren’t embarrassed to show some places. In my apartment days, I remember seeing one place on a dead-end street and the agent could not find the keys. I’m 5'3, and the grass was up to my knees. Do you know how badly grass needs to be cut when it’s up to my knees? I turned around and walked away.

Then there was another agent who refused to take me to a reasonably priced location. He was Hispanic, and I thought it was just odd how he was acting. I complained, and an agent who was of African descent had no problems showing me the place.

We get there and it is clearly a neighborhood in an [insert predominantly Hispanic gang name here; not doing it because I’m 99% sure but not 100% sure]. All I kept thinking was, “Why didn’t he just tell me that in the first place?” I’m either not going to be embraced ’cause I’m black or he couldn’t come because he had problems with that particular gang. And the real estate agent and I are just skipping around, happy as can be, looking at the place until we get outside and see a group of men just staring holes through us. I was pissed. He could’ve given us a heads up that it was segregated and my brown skin was not welcome (or anybody outside of that particular gang). I know a gang when I see a gang (grew up around a few); this was not just some dudes hanging outside shooting the shit.

I still said hello, smiled and was cordial, but considering this place had a glass door and a massive window with no curtains, that just wasn’t the move. Somebody should definitely mark a warning when they arrive at a home that has security risks so you know not to go back again. I’d rather live in the Chicken Bone/Sunflower Seed house than have somebody ice-grilling me every time I walk into my own front door.

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