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Y'know, it doesn't bother me so much to hear about white celebrities who adopt black children initially -- then I see Madonna's kid randomly dancing to Michael Jackson and her using the n-word and change my mind. So far, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have not failed me. And Donald Trump cannot stand Brad Pitt, so that makes him all the more lovely to me. Anyone Trump hates is someone I'll more than likely be a fan of.

But I do think there will always come a time when black people will need to be around other black people. I never felt so ostracized until I went to a PWI. Being in a sea of 8,000 non-black students and a total of 99 black ones was night and day for a South Side Chicago woman who saw black, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Asian (and obviously white) people all the time. It was culture shock for me and almost got me expelled. My guess is black people who are only around white people can normalize it more until they get older. Still though, no one wants to be "only" in their group for very long. At least that's my guess.

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