Hi April,

I definitely understand what you're saying about his dismissal for female lyricists. The question was a setup to begin with. Any entertainment journalist who has even done the laziest search on him knows he was hesitant to hire Da Brat. But once he got her, then he was off and running because he realized it worked. There was so much potential with Mulatto (from “The Rap Game”), but somebody got in the way. I don't know if it was the label, her father or herself. All I know is she went from straight bars and being a talented lyricist to basically becoming Trina: ass, titties, and no substance. I can't blame the man. If I dismissed Supa Peach for an artist who fed right into his belief about strap music, I'd be a little bitter about it, too.

With that said, that does dismiss artists like Rapsody. I only know Young M.A. for constantly saying "pause" and that "Oooh ooh" song but not the rest. I wanted Nacho to be bigger though; Eve introduced Nacho to the world and she disappeared.

As far as "WAP," I heard somebody blasting that song loud as hell going down my block in the same 24-hour period that I decided I didn't like it. It sounded way better from a car stereo. If we weren't in quarantine (weird time to put out a party mix), I probably would grudgingly dance in the corner to it. Viola Davis tweeting about it yesterday entertained me. Sometimes I just have to take a party song as what it is. I still cannot justify why Kanye West's and Lil Pump's "I Love It” is on my Spotify playlist. That song is just as raunchy, and I know it word-for-word. Sometimes I'm an absolute hypocrite. This is one of those times.

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