Hey there Noma!

Regarding shade: The worst part was I wasn’t even lying. I really did know all the hood dudes that kept me out of trouble and were a protective circle around me. Quite a few looked up to my older brother, so it was just understood to always leave me alone. I sat on the porch for hours cracking jokes and chatting with the kind of people who would make certain women clutch their purse. To me, these boys were just boys — the kind who argued with me over which popsicle to bring out of my fridge and who was the best at Mario Bros. Even growing up (and filling out), I was still “off limits” and a bit of a little sister to the block. I can guarantee “Tough Neighborhood” would have harassed the hell out of them. Unfortunately all but four (out of about 12) were either dead or in jail by the time I went to college — many of which was due to gang violence that took them as victims although the news would word it differently. One, I admit, deserves to be in prison. The rest? Nope, they deserved a different future. Still though, shady as my comment was, it was definitely true.

Being a brown girl: Yup, I know we would connect in an unfortunate way on this topic. That’s a weird bond that black people really shouldn’t have to have.

Bloomberg vs. Sanders: Oh my gawd, I hope your gut is wrong. I voted for Senator Bernie Sanders against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the last primaries. I was riding for Senator Kamala Harris heavily this time and still don’t understand why she dropped out so early. I would’ve been cool with billionaire Tom Steyer making it to the end. His wife in the Juvenile dance-off was interesting, to say the least. I’m not at all a fan of Tulsi Gabbard (another person I’d write-in against) and not impressed by Amy Klobuchar (but would still vote for her against Trump). Every time Senator Elizabeth Warren gets on “The Late Show,” I warm up to her a little bit more. I’m coming around to her. And I’m still 50/50 on former VP Joe Biden vs Senator Sanders. So right now I’ll take anybody but Gabbard and Bloomberg, but I know he’s going to be the most unwanted visitor in every debate. Ugh, just ugh.

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