Hey there!

As far as I know, your White Castle comment didn’t get eaten. I read it. I laughed at the way your friends would’ve responded to that date. It matched the disbelief I gave to my grandfather, but it’s hard to knock someone who has been in a happy, healthy relationship for 49 years — White Castle or [insert fancy restaurant here]. Was there another comment after that or did you retype it?

As far as this comment, whew, so much to say:

I had zero interest in fixing anything around this condo. The only reason I did it was because the condo association’s management team kept switching property managers. I got tired of waiting for someone on the board or management to approve something and just said, “Fuggit, I’m moving forward.” But it was an absolute mess trying to use Home Depot’s installation services when I first wanted to move in and change a bunch of stuff from the past owner. Independent handymen charge all kinds of ridiculous overpriced rates, charge you to come out, estimates seem sketchy, want cash only, etc.

It started with me realizing my bidet installation instructions weren’t nearly as hard as I thought, and then I just started testing stuff as I went along. I called my prior condo’s handyman because I didn’t understand why one screw wouldn’t work, but after he showed me which one to buy, he just kinda shrugged and said, “You did the rest already. What else did you want me to do?” That’s when I knew I was onto something.

My mother used to always tell me to have a tool suitcase, and I’ve always had one. But it was more for decoration and to impress handymen who happened to need a tool when I was renting. Now I’m using everything in there. Props to your grandfather and all dope grandfathers who leave lasting impressions.

Please follow-up and let me know how your dream board goes. I have been saying I was going to create one for more than a year, and I just kept putting it off. Now I have all this free time on my hands!

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