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I live for Frontline on PBS, and I remember "The Interrupters" too. I've covered a couple anti-violence events in Chicago, so I'm always perplexed when folks act like they do not exist. As far as Terry Crews, I just cannot possibly fathom the idea of being rich and delusional. I'm still trying to figure out how Kanye West fell off the wagon so hard from "The College Dropout" version. I used to love Isaiah Washington during his "Grey's Anatomy" days, but his Twitter timeline gives me a fucking headache. But Terry threw me so far off. I don't recall him ever speaking up about social justice issues until black folks started speaking out. If he was, he was never even mildly as loud as he was with Gabrielle Union and now Black Lives Matter. It's like Diamond and Silk went to the side of the ring and tapped him in. Looks like the world's worst wrestling match ever.

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