Hey Rory,

I've never seen "The Blind Side." I like Sandra Bullock a lot, but my eyes couldn't roll hard enough at the movie synopsis and the poster. Nope. Hard pass. This is exactly what I'm talking about with the nonstop films about "the poor black people that white people put on their cape and saved." Every time I see this kind of movie, I already know it'll win an Oscar.

I saw "The Help" one time and never had any desire to see it again. It was cool, but I wasn't wow'd the way others were. I had a co-worker (white, male, straight) who I'd never even seen humor the idea of reading African-American authors but insisted that I read the book after he finished. As in, he asked me multiple times like he just knew it was missing from my life. Finally I blurted out, "I don't need to read anymore shit about black women being maids." He paused. And then he got it. "No thank you" and "Nah, I'm reading something else" didn't work. That sure did though.

Shortly after, he moved on to talking about mandatory prison sentences for all drug arrests. I stepped in to talk about cocaine arrests versus crack. He had no idea. Next day I come in and he's talking about why women should pay for all dates. He was the gift that kept on giving. I convinced another news editor that my seat was better than hers and swapped. He came in the next day, saw me in a different seat and said I "hurt his feelings." -__-

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