Here’s why your analogy doesn’t work. What the original author is basically saying is we have to actually ACKNOWLEDGE these kinds of injustices and biases. Your abusive father analogy misses the point. Too many oblivious people would rather look the other way and say the father never abused the child while watching the abuse happen. They’ll say it so many times that they’ll believe it never happened — because if it did and they were a silent bystander, that makes them feel judged.

And then they’ll look at that abused child and wonder why that kid is just so mad all the time. That kid will grow up abused and (possibly, depending on the person) take it out on someone else. And then the same delusional people who ignored the abusive father will go, “Ah ha! I told you that kid was trouble.” And the father will sit back and go, “Yep, that’s why I beat him all the time.” Your analogy misses the cause and just looks at the effect.

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