Here is how I’m reading your comment:

  • The fact that you use the term “validate me” leads me to believe you have had trouble with black men finding you attractive. My only problem with that is why should any man of any race have the power to “validate” you. That has zip zero to do with black men and more to do with your own self-love.
  • Deciding an entire group of men who share your complexion (varies) and facial features are “not my type” is the same kind of mindset that makes me shake my head when black men say it about black women. I cannot change your mind. As stated in the end, that sounds like a journey you have to go through with yourself, but dismissing an entire group because (I’m guessing) a few didn’t validate you could mean you’re missing out on those that do.
  • The fact still remains that you have got to like the person as much as you like the physical features. I have dated many men who were my “type” of attractive (although none look alike) and couldn’t mesh with the personalities. I just cannot see myself purposely disregarding black men to look for non-black men, but as stated, this is the mentality of the black men in this post. So do you.

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