Having one Lab is a handful in itself. It’s like having two dogs. But more than one is … that’s a lot. I house-sat for two Labs (one 3 years old, the other 7 months and going through that nutty puppy stage) and that was a long ass four days. I’m not a cat person so I can’t really speak for them. I briefly hung out with my brother’s cat, but then he moved. Minus three cats in particular, they’re not my thing. But you do make great points about dog owners having to be home to feed their pets.

I remember house sitting for my parents while they went to a wedding. My grandfather wanted to go to a restaurant that we always go to. I told him we couldn’t go because I had to go home to feed the dog. He told me to feed the dog later, and I gasped. The thought of letting a dog wait to go outside and be fed was unimaginable to me. I lost count of the amount of times I came home from school or hanging with friends to make sure my childhood dog was fed on time. I think dog owners just get used to it. You either roll with them to feed the dogs and go outside or wait for them to come back.

It just makes more sense to spare yourself and stay at his place some days, but who wants to abandon their own pets for someone else’s? And then there’s enjoying your own home. I dunno. This one is tough for me. As a dog owner, I get it. But I’m bugging out because I have yet to date another dog owner and never even thought about it until now: 429 walks, 75 dogs, 11 boardings and sittings in less than a year. And never dated a dog owner my entire life — including the 22 years I owned two dogs.

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