Grab the bathtub. Cry me a river. People love to point out Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., without pointing out that this man was constantly tortured, abused, profiled and followed for asking for equal rights. Fun fact: It wasn’t black people doing this either. That always gets left out of the paragraph in your local history book.

His peaceful protest mentality still was a stick up racists’ craw, and they let it be known. The issue here is this “comedian” is mad that people are finally calling it out when too often the -ism issues were ignored or looked at as “that’s how it is.” The same people who lose their minds about people verbally stating their points are the same ones defending the 2nd Amendment, fighting back and protecting their homes. So you get to protect your own but everybody else should just sit down and be quiet?

I can’t sympathize with anyone who wants you to just turn the other cheek when you can rectify a situation right now. It screams privilege. And I’ve met enough white heterosexual men who can understand why people protest, as well as men who understand the #MeToo movement, religious people who understand protests against homophobia, etc. Some will. Some won’t. The ones that won’t are usually throwing a tantrum from the backseat because they’re no longer the automatic driver.

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