This part, the name of the post and the way the employees are referred to as “the help,” just sounds entitled to me. The movie was based so heavily in the kind of entitled racism and bigotry that made “The Help” make sense there. Viola Davis later regretted doing the movie because of the angle of the storyline.

Referring to these hard Jamaican workers who clearly were putting their best foot forward as “the help” sounds wildly elitist … to me anyway. It just kinda glosses over their individual titles and lumps them into one group. While it is refreshing to hear that you did mention how hard “the help” worked, I’m not particularly surprised that your boss was mad about it. If she’s the face of this villa, she’d have to own up to better pay and better care for workers. More money out of her pocket. She had justifiable reasons for someone who wanted to make a profit off of “the help.” At least you got to enjoy your trip though. I hope these men and women (in all their respective titles, because I’m sure they don’t go home saying they are “the help”) do find positions where salaries match their workload.

While you were out of a job for blogging, I’m guessing they lost their jobs too.

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