Good read. However, I’m a bit more in the middle on this one. Once you mess up, all you can do is apologize. I respected that even after Snoop knew more people were with him — and my Twitter responses, Facebook responses and a flood of comments on Red Table Talk more than proved that for me — he not only DM’d Gayle but also reached out to her people and got on this show. He didn’t have to do a damn thing. Hell, his career background is already a track record of disrespecting women — and women oddly co-signing being disrespected. But I’m with the Red Table Talk trio in giving him a nod for bothering to do so. Even after he did, there are still a massive amount of people telling him he should not have apologized.

And that’s where the bigger picture is. He repeatedly talked about how he does not mind being checked. Meanwhile, Keyboard Thugs love to put you in your place online but cannot handle you calling them even a “doody head” before these MFers burst into tears. I was satisfied that he apologized if only to make them be forced to reconsider how they talk to people. Gayle King can feel how she feels and never accept his apology, regardless of the statement. But once someone disrespects you, there’s nothing left to do but apologize. The rest of the public can hold a grudge against either party, but the biggest and most important response is between those two.

He didn’t need to do “damage control” if his fans/followers/social circle (minus his mom and a few relatives) were cool with it. There was nothing “damaged” for him for the people who already respected his video tantrum. When someone voluntarily apologizes for something that they clearly don’t have to, personally, that matters more to me. It’s not like his albums wouldn’t sell or his Martha Stewart cooking show was going to be a bust because of it. I’d like to believe this is him finally growing up.

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