Good read. Although I disagree with you about the kids/Google (because I think asking a real person race-related questions, especially during those growing years, is especially significant), I can understand the rest. I had been living in an apartment for eight years and got into it with a couple who moved in upstairs. The lady ran at 9 a.m. on a treadmill. Sounded like Barnum & Bailey Circus. The couple only seemed to want to argue at 4 a.m. And their baby cried all hours. I went to the property manager who told me to “put a lid on it” and said I complained about the last couple who was loud. (The couple before that smoked so much weed that I could smell it in my own unit, always blasted music all hours of the day and also had a loud, crying baby.)

Difference was the black couple was asked to move to a different floor. Apologies immediately. White couple that argued at 4 a.m. with the treadmill? Nope. I was told to “put a lid on it” and had my lease renewal retracted. I was told it would “be better if you moved out” never mind that both of these couples had been living here for less than a year. I’m definitely not someone to stay where I’m not wanted. I bounced. But it was just interesting that the second lady went into the office with a bucket of tears, and I got passively aggressively kicked out over it. I put up a Yelp review about the situation.

And then I was done. I log into Yelp years later, and a sista sent me a private message telling me my whole Yelp review was scary to her because it was point-for-point the same thing that had happened to her. I’m still amazed that no one has bothered to check the property manager. Some folks get the benefit of the doubt while others don’t. Either way, I still couldn’t be happier I moved. And that building forever has “new rental” signs in the front yard.

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