From a journalist’s perspective, I understand why newsrooms are treading lightly over this story. Anytime you start legally accusing someone of something without actual proof, it walks the lines of defamation of character, libel, etc. He’s already convinced his cronies that legitimate news sites are all “fake news.” And by his wife changing her story (in the most concerning way possible), reporters can’t help but point that out.

However, from a reader’s and general citizen’s perspective, I couldn’t be more annoyed to see the Jussie Smollett story as the centerpiece on the Trib’s and Chicago Sun Times’ sites. WTF are well-known publications still talking about that instead of THIS particular story?! I didn’t see nearly this much coverage during the LaQuan McDonald case nor as much CPD evidence releases.

I still work within the journalism arena but not for newspapers. Too often I found that stereotypical mugshot photo galleries and petty stories that appease a conservative base trumped bigger issues. And that’s quite disturbing.

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