First of all, that’s dope that you two are still going strong. I showed my mother this story. Apparently my grandfather never told this to her. (He’s her father-in-law.) She cracked up and said, “Hey man, White Castle was a big deal then!” I told her, “Stop it! White Castle was a pit stop on my way leaving a concert.” But who am to judge? I cannot tell you the number of fancy weddings and receptions I’ve seen and the couple didn’t last until the end of the year.

My childhood friend’s uncle took his then girlfriend (now wife) to McDonald’s, and I’m pretty sure they cleared more than a decade or two. He passed away now, but he loved to talk about how their first date was to McDonald’s. If you like the person, it doesn’t matter where you go. I can think of a couple guys that I’ve enjoyed going to a $5 movie with and had a blast. Meanwhile the ones who spent a few Andrew Jacksons were ones I never wanted to go out with again ever in life.

Still though, why White Castle? What in the world made you decide that was date night?

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