Finally! I found it! This post showed up on my Medium feed one time, and I made the mistake of closing it to try to find a stock photo. No matter how much I tried to re-find it via search engine, I could never get to this post and didn’t know who wrote it. But as luck would have it, I left for a few hours, came back and voila! It’s here again.

It was worth the wait. I already got into a debate yesterday with someone about a post I wrote on filtering friends, so I’m far more rigid on this topic than you are. I just have absolutely no interest in trying to force friendships with people whose mindset is politically and socially just not where I am in life. I can handle spiritual differences easily — when you’re a black woman who is Agnostic in a family full of folks who go to church, it’s a given. But politics and social justice are where my feet are firmly rooted.

And anytime someone starts complaining about why PC is just “so hard,” it makes my skin crawl. As much as I love Deon Cole’s latest comedy special “Cole Hearted,” I gritted my teeth through one particular joke he claimed he got approved from Wanda Sykes. He went on and on about how today’s generation is “lame” and “can’t handle a joke.” Blah blah blah. The comedy special was really good for the most part, but it boggles my mind how comedians tend to be the most sensitive about other people being sensitive. And people who don’t want to be PC are constantly offended when people comment on their rudeness. Pick one! You can’t be both. Either you have leather thick skin or you don’t.

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