Ew! I can’t handle them. There’s another sista on here who writes great columns (like you) — although I think we’re going to have to reach a middle ground and “agree to disagree” in some parts. She told me about having like 11 cats in her house (two of her cats had kittens). That sounds like pure hell to me, but she was cool with it. I don’t understand y’all at all.

A sista I worked with said that hanging with cats is like hanging with women. I thought that was kinda harsh and dismissed “girls’ girls” who can actually get along, but then a month later I couldn’t stand her. So technically she was right. LOL With that said though, I do not want to get buried in saying I 100% get his original intent. I just think for people who call their dogs “fur babies,” they’re never going to get this analogy. I’ve had dogs for 22 years and walked 67 more dogs. I’m still not calling even my most favorite ones “fur babies.” They’re dogs. End. Of. Story.

This is where I do generalize. I have never not ever heard a black person refer to his/her own dog as a “fur baby.” I’ll give you that. But the dogs-in-bed and licking-your-face part? (Not the lips — at least not on purpose.) But yeah, being a dog walker made me break my own rules on this. *shrug*

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