Everybody knows this lady. (Aunts get a bad reputation and are why I try my hardest, as an aunt, to never allow my nephews to view me this way. Right now, I’m just the weird one who has a bidet in her bathroom. I think that’s my only complaint — so far. I don’t know what they say about me when I’m not around.) But I cannot stand this lady. I told Bebe (who also commented) that this post was inspired by me listening to two women go on and on about how they do this. It was actually two sistas who claimed “all black people do this” and I’m like, “No, we don’t ALL act like this. Don’t make this a stereotype to spread the word about.” Ugggggh!

I have politely hidden many o’ bad dishes in a napkin and profusely thanked the cook for food I hope to never eat again. It’s the thought that counts. (It has barely happened since I stopped eating meat. That’s the one biggest perk of being a vegetarian. I know you know this by now.)

Have you ever seen this video? I knew exactly how it would end and who would win the minute I heard one particular mom complaining. I tagged the winner on Twitter, and she thanked me for my kind words. Kind people are so underrated.

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