Every time you write a post, I feel like I had a missed opportunity. It’s like you have binoculars on my entire life in Corporate America before I bailed a year and a half ago and will never EVER return! I love every single thing about working from home.

The only thing I don’t agree with is the “eat my food” part, and that’s from having a cook-far-too-much-for-a-four-person-household mother. Nobody was territorial over food in my house, and that dynamic happened with me, too. I couldn’t care less who eats all my chips or drinks, etc., at my own place. When my brother’s (now) wife/then-girlfriend told me I had to ask my nephew if I could have a bag of his chips, I was dumbfounded by the entire idea. He clearly didn’t pay for them. Why am I asking him? She used to write her name on stuff when she put it in our fridge, and I thought that was so nuts.

But I think my immediate circle were the oddballs, and her family may have been the norm. I know this because when I went to my mother’s best friend’s home once, she responded with, “I wish I knew you all were coming. I only made enough spaghetti for the two of us.” Meanwhile I make entire pots every single time like I’m trying to open an Italian restaurant. In summary, I have become my mother.

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