Every single time I get a physical, my doctor tells me my Vitamin D level is low. I remember Oprah Winfrey making a comment saying the same. I can’t remember where I found this out, but the Vitamin D issue is so pronounced in black people because we are also more likely to be lactose intolerant. So when winter comes, the anti-dairy folks really face a conundrum. We can’t even get our Vitamin D from outside. But I’m someone who will hang out right in the sun and get as chocolate as can be (I’ve never worn suntan lotion; I’m not proud of it) and still end up with low Vitamin D levels. I finally gave in to taking those chewy vitamins (I hate medication) because talk of osteoporosis and my own ankles turning out so much enough to make me fall twice — in heels — made me realize I need to get a better handle on this. Since taking those chewy vitamins, and occasionally indulging in dairy although I’m failing completely as a vegan, I rarely if ever turn my ankles. It used to happen daily. Now I can count it on one hand in a month if at all. I typed this response in a Starbucks while staring outside at sunshine. But now I’ve grown impatient and want to go outside.

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