Erica, thanks for reading. I try not to dedicate a lot of time to this man because he reminds me so much of a tantrum-throwing toddler. If I acknowledge him too long, the whining continues. If we look away, then maybe he’ll lose interest. But this nonstop need to get big-ups from HBCUs was getting on my last nerve, as an HBCU graduate. It’s the equivalent of someone introducing another person to the hiring manager and then that person constantly reminds him/her how they wouldn’t have gotten the job without him — never acknowledging that the applicant still had to have the job experience, nail the interview, get along with the colleagues, blah blah blah. In his weird mind, he passed over some money and we should kiss his feet forever. Not happening. And he’s petty enough to now turn his back on all these HBCU presidents and representative he claims he likes, if he ever catches wind that they compliment Biden on his (hopeful) work too. He certainly ignored Obama’s educational contributions. But at least we get rid of Betty DeVos, ruining the public school system, too.

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