Easily. If I exclude my mother, I definitely feel like I learned a lot more from my “friends” as my great great aunt (who lived to be 100) and my grandfather (who lived to be 95). Yeah, we had our moments of drama and bickering over various issues, but those were still my folks. I could just spend my whole day with them hanging out, cackling, cracking jokes and getting very colorful advice. I can’t co-sign this piece enough. Even as a kid, I preferred hanging with my parents’ landlord while she smoked cigarettes and played Solitaire more than the kids in the neighborhood. I had friends my age, but I still preferred these three. I remember going to a timeshare event, and the rep was getting more and more annoyed when I said I’d rather go on a spring vacation with my mother. She was determined that I wanted some random girls trip. She got so annoyed about it that she stormed out of the room and busted a balloon. My mother and I looked at her storming out and laughed our asses off. Anyway, I agree with this piece.

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